About Me

Would you like to be a blogger? Are you a struggling blogger? Do you think you would love to have a successful blog but you just don't have the time?

Well, you are in the right place.

My name is Penny and I am in exactly the same position. I love to write and think I would like to start a blog.

I have always considered that I wouldn't possibly have the time.

However, I have just started a coaching Quick Start Challenge with Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. Their process is that success comes from time management and effective planning. 

For the challenge, I am going to start this blog and share my progress. I aim to work around 1 hour per day on this blog.

I bet that you are full of good ideas and really have something useful that you could share with others. You think that blogging would be a great way to do this.

You may well be in the same position as me ...

  • Have no clue how to start a blog. And certainly not in the little spare time you have.
  • Have some ideas about what you want to blog about, but don't know if people will like it.
  • Think it will be another of the things you start and then abandon as you don't have the time.
  • Can't see how people manage to make money from a blog.

There are many things that could prevent you from starting a blog. There are just as many things that can stop you having a successful blog. I know as I have been there too.

So, why not take a chance and give blogging a go. Follow along with me and find the successful blogger in yourself. No matter how little time you have.

Join me, Penny, and let's become bloggers together.

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